Easy Basics: Project 012o IR remote controlled LEDs

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Basics: Project 012o

Project name: IR remote controlled LEDs

Tags: Arduino, IR receiver, IR remote control, LEDs 

Attachments: sketch and library

In this project, you needed these parts (Dear visitors. You can support our project buy clicking on the links of parts and buying them or donate us to keep this website alive. Thank you):

1.Arduino Uno R3 (you can also use the other version of Arduino)

2.Arduino IDE ( you can download it from here  )

3.Jumper cables M-F, M-M, F-F

4. LED (white, red and green color) 2 pc

5. Resistor 3 pcs (220 - 470 Ohm)

6. Breadboard 1 pc

7. VS1838B IR receiver 1 pc

8. IR remote control Arduino Car Mp3 with CR 2032 3V battery or old remote control (any) - we used AKIRA DVD with 2 AAA 1.5v batteries



In this project, we will learn how to control LEDs with IR remote control.

Understanding the IR receiver

You can read more information here.

Signals and connections of the IR receiver and LED


There are 3 connections : Signal (Output), GND (0V) and VCC (+5V)

Connect the long leg of the LED (the positive leg, called the anode) to the other end of the resistor. Connect the short leg of the LED (the negative leg, called the cathode) to the GND. Resistor connected for long leg.

The operating voltage of the LED is 1.8V and the operating current is 10mA-20mA. The Arduino Uno board can supply 5V or 3.3V power. We will use 5V for this project, so the minimum resistance of the current limiting resistor should be (5 V to 1.8 V)/20 = 160 Om. The 220 Om offered in the kit is suitable and you can also choose other resistors that meet the condition. The larger the resistance is, the dimmer the LED will get.

Build the circuit

The following picture shows the needed connections with the Arduino Uno 

Step by Step instruction

  1. Plug your Adruino Uno board into your PC and select the correct board and com port
  2. Open up serial monitor and set your baud to 9600 baud
  3. Open, verify and upload sketch to your Adruino Uno board.This IR controlled LEDs can be turned on/off using practically any type of IR remotes TV, LCD, LED, DVD player, AC, Blueray player, etc. It makes use of the fact that the remote emits IR (infrared). Press the IR remote control (any manufacturer) in front of IR receiver then you will see the decode hex code in Serial monitor (for example : FF30CF). The code will vary depending on the remote manufacturer. Write it down on the paper for different movement in order to modify the sketch with your remote control codes. (Note that the values will not be obtained with 0x which represents hexadecimal also some values are obtained in middle like FFFFFFFF, ignore them). We have obtained the values of our remote control: 
  4. Get the readings from your IR remote control for each button (you can see them in serial monitor). For example: 
  5. RED LED - ON (FFE01F), OFF (FFD02F)
  6. GREEN LED - ON (FF50AF), OFF(FF708F)
  7. WHITE LED is IR activation light
  8. Modify the sketch with you remote control codes, verify and upload it to your Adruino Uno board.
  9. You can control both LEDs with remote now.


We have learnt how to control LEDs with IR remote control.


  • See attachments on the begining of this project description. 
  • We have used IRremote library for this project which is included in attachment. Download, unzip and add to libraries in our PC, for example C:\Users\toshiba\Documents\Arduino\libraries. This link you can find in Preferences of Adruino IDE program which installed in your PC.


  • See attachments on the begining of this project description. 

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