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Easy Merry Xmas to everyone of, Not selected 24-12-2019
Easy NEW WEBSITE ACOPTEX.COM - NEW DIY PROJECTS of, Not selected 01-12-2019
Easy Basics: Project 105a SIM900A GSM GPRS mini module of in NANO 28-11-2019
Easy Basics: Project 102 Free PCB Design Softwares review of, Not selected 26-11-2019
Easy Basics: Project 102a PCB design softwares of, Not selected 25-11-2019
Easy Basics: Project 101a Ai Thinker A9G GPRS GPS development board of, Not selected 23-11-2019
Easy Basics: Project 100a Ai Thinker A9 GSM GPRS development board of, Not selected 22-11-2019
Easy Basics: Project 086p ESP32 development board - Using Thonny IDE of Alek C. in ESP8266 ESP-32 09-08-2019
Easy Basics: Project 086o ESP8266 ESP-12E module - Using Thonny IDE of Alek C. in ESP8266 ESP-12 09-08-2019
Medium Basics: Project 083w Sipeed Maixduino board - Using PlatformIO IDE of in Sipeed Maixduino 08-08-2019
Medium Basics: Project 083e Sipeed Maixduino board - Uploading MaixPy of in Sipeed Maixduino 04-08-2019
Medium Basics: Project 083f Sipeed Maixduino board - Using MycroPython of in Sipeed Maixduino 04-08-2019
Easy Basics: Project 086l ESP32 Development board, BME 280 - MicroPython of in ESP8266 ESP-32 28-07-2019
Easy Basics: Project 086k ESP8266 ESP-12E module, BME 280 - MicroPython of in ESP8266 ESP-12 27-07-2019
Easy Basics: Project 086d ESP-12E module, BME280 sensor - Web server of in ESP8266 ESP-12 18-07-2019
Easy Basics: Project 86a Meet the Espressif ESP-EYE development board v2.1 of in ESP8266 ESP-32 09-07-2019
Easy Raspberry basics: Project 28z Meet the Raspberry PI 4 model B board of in Raspberry Pi 4 01-07-2019
Easy Basics: Project 001c Arduino Mega of in MEGA 30-06-2019
Easy Basics: Project 001b Arduino Nano of in NANO 29-06-2019
Easy Basics: Project 083d Sipeed Maixduino Kit for RISC-V AI and IoT of in ESP8266 ESP-32 16-06-2019
Easy Basics: Project 076f ESP32 Development board - How to use GPIO pins of in ESP8266 ESP-32 03-06-2019
Easy Basics: Project 082a Lithum battery charger TP4056 of in UNO 01-06-2019
Easy CBASIC Lesson 10 Decompiling code of in Csharp 11-04-2019
Easy CBASIC Lesson 9 Compiling and debugging in Visual Studio of in Csharp 10-04-2019
Easy Raspberry basics: Project 00a Getting started with Raspberry Pi of in Raspberry Pi 3 06-04-2019
Easy Basics: Project 081d ESP8266 ESP-12E module and Nextion HMI display of in ESP8266 ESP-12 24-03-2019
Easy Raspberry basics: Project 26a Raspberry PI Zero W board - Enable SSH of in Raspberry Pi Zero W 07-01-2019
Easy Raspberry basics: Project 24a Raspberry PI Zero W board - Apache web server of in Raspberry Pi Zero W 05-01-2019

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