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Arduino starter kit review

The starter kit is a great way to get started with Arduino, coding and electronics!

This article will show you the variety of different Arduino starter kits available on market: from original (offered by Arduino) to other options (for example, ChinaUSA)



This Starter Kit price is 79.90 Euro. The Starter Kit includes the components you need to make 15 fun projects following the step-by-step tutorials on the Project Book.

The Starter Kit walks you through the basics of using the Arduino in a hands-on way. You’ll learn through building several creative projects. The kit includes a selection of the most common and useful electronic components with a book of 15 projects. Starting the basics of electronics, to more complex projects, the kit will help you control the physical world with sensor and actuators.

Projects you can make:

  1. GET TO KNOW YOUR TOOLS an introduction to the basics
  2. SPACESHIP INTERFACE design the control panel for your starship
  3. LOVE-O-METER measure how hot-blooded you are
  4. COLOR MIXING LAMP produce any color with a lamp that uses light as an input
  5. MOOD CUE clue people in to how you’re doing
  6. LIGHT THEREMIN create a musical instrument you play by waving your hands
  7. KEYBOARD INSTRUMENT play music and make some noise with this keyboard
  8. DIGITAL HOURGLASS a light-up hourglass that can stop you from working too much
  9. MOTORIZED PINWHEEL a colored wheel that will make your head spin
  10. ZOETROPE create a mechanical animation you can play forward or reverse
  11. CRYSTAL BALL a mystical tour to answer all your tough questions
  12. KNOCK LOCK tap out the secret code to open the door
  13. TOUCHY-FEEL LAMP a lamp that responds to your touch
  14. TWEAK THE ARDUINO LOGO control your personal computer from your Arduino
  15. HACKING BUTTONS create a master control for all your devices!

Once you’ve mastered this knowledge, you’ll have a palette of software and circuits that you can use to create something beautiful, and make someone smile with what you invent. Then build it, hack it and share it. You can find the Arduino code for all these projects within the Arduino IDE, click on File-> Examples ->10.StarterKit. Have a look at these video tutorials for a project by project walk-through.

The Starter Kit includes:

1 Projects Book (170 pages), 1 Arduino / Genuino Uno, 1 USB cable, 1 Breadboard 400 points, 70Solid core jumper wires, 1 Easy-to-assemble wooden base, 1 9v battery snap, 1 Stranded jumper wires (black), 1 Stranded jumper wires (red), 6 Phototransistor, 3 Potentiometer 10kOhms, 10 Pushbuttons, 1 Temperature sensor [TMP36], 1 Tilt sensor, 1 alphanumeric LCD (16×2 characters), 1LED (bright white), 1 LED (RGB), 8 LEDs (red), 8 LEDs (green), 8 LEDs (yellow), 3 LEDs (blue), 1 Small DC motor 6/9V, 1 Small servo motor, 1 Piezo capsule [PKM17EPP-4001-B0], 1 H-bridge motor driver [L293D], 1 Optocouplers [4N35], 2 Mosfet transistors [IRF520], 5 Capacitors 100uF, 5 Diodes [1N4007], 3 Transparent gels (red, green, blue), 1 Male pins strip (40×1), 20 Resistors 220 Ohms, 5Resistors 560 Ohms, 5 Resistors 1 kOhms, 5 Resistors 4.7 kOhms, 20 Resistors 10 kOhms, 5 Resistors 1 MOhms, 5 Resistors 10 MOhms 

2. Arduino Starter Kit (Absolute Beginner)

Arduino Starter Kit (Absolute Beginner)
Arduino Starter Kit (Absolute Beginner)

The Arduino Starter Kit provided by ElecFreaks is a great material to get users into learning step-by-step conveniently. For this kit, there is no need for soldering, plug then use, the construction of the working circuit can be done within one minute. It has 9 courses in total, content includes LED, infrared sensor, servo, and IR remote control. 9 classes, 16 modules, 10 beautiful card explanation, let you know Arduino within 24 hours.

The kit uses the Freaduino UNO, which is the improved version of the official UNO and 100% compatible with Arduino. It provides easy-to-use brick sensor interface, 3.3v or 5v IO switch, power supply with DCDC circuit which support MAX 2A etc.

The Starter Kit includes:

10 cards with explanations, 1 Freaduino UNO, 1 mini USB Cable, 1 5mm LED Brick, 1 PushButton Brick, 1 LDR Sensor Brick, 1 Vibration senor Brick, 1 Passive Buzzer Brick, 1 PIR sensor Brick , 1 Soil Moisture Sensor Brick, 1 1Channel Relay Brick, 1 Rotary Encoder Brick, 1 mini Servo, 1 Temperature And Humidity Sensor brick, 1 Segment LED Brick, 1 IR receive sensor brick, 1 Infrared Remote Control, 1 mini Motor, 1 mini Fan, 30 Jumper wires, 1 Box

3. Arduino Uno Starter Kit

Arduino Uno Starter Kit

Uno Kit Starter Kit, RFID Learning Suite including:( not including Retail Box)1pcs UNO R31pcs USB cable1pack jumper wires1pcs 830 Point BREADBOARD15pcs led (Red, Green, Yellow)30pcs resistance(220R, 10K, 1K)1pcs 10 pin dupont line(male to female)1pcs potentiometer1pcs active buzzer1pcs passive buzzer1pcs 74HC595N1pcs Infrared receiving head1pcs LM35DZ1pcs Flame sensor2pcs Roll Ball Switch3pcs 5mm LDR5pcs Button Switch with Cap1pcs IR remote control1pcs one digital tube1pcs four digital tube1pcs 8*8 dot matrix tube1pcs UNL2003 driver board1pcs 5V stepper motor1pcs SG901pcs LCD1602 IIC I2C1pcs PS2 game joystick module1pcs DHT11 Temperature and Humidity sensor module1pcs Water level measurement module1pcs RFID module1pcs RFID key ring1pcs RFID card1pcs sound sensor module1pcs one road relay module1pcs RTC module1pcs 16 buttons matrix keyboard module1pcs RGB three color module1pcs 9V Battery Connector

touch sensor

The Starter Kit includes:

1 NHduino UNO R3 (Digital PWM UNO marking), 1 USB cable, 1 pack jumper wires, 1 830 Point BREADBOARD, 15 LED (Red, Green, Yellow), 30 resistance (220R, 10K, 1K), 1 10 pin dupont line (male to female), 1 potentiometer, 1 active buzzer, 1 passive buzzer, 1 74HC595N, 1 Infrared receiving head, 1 LM35DZ, 1 Flame sensor, 2 Roll Ball Switch, 3 5mm LDR, 5 Button Switch with Cap, 1 IR remote control, 1 one digital tube, 1 four digital tube, 1 8 x 8 dot matrix tube, 1 UNL2003 driver board, 1 5V stepper motor, 1 SG90, 1 LCD1602 IIC I2C, 1 PS2 game joystick module, 1 DHT11 Temperature and Humidity sensor module, 1 Water level measurement module, 1 RFID module, 1 RFID key ring, 1 RFID card, 1 sound sensor module, 1 one road relay module, 1 RTC module, 1 16 buttons matrix keyboard module, 1 RGB three color module, 1 9V Battery Connector and 1 touch module.

4. Ultimate Arduino Starter Kit

Ultimate Arduino Starter Kit
Ultimate Arduino Starter Kit
Ultimate Arduino Starter Kit

The Starter Kit includes:

5 White LED, 5 Yellow LED, 5 Blue LED, 5 Green LED, 5 Red LED, 1 RGB LED, 5 22pf Ceramic Capacitor, 5 104 Ceramic Capacitor, 2 Photoresistor, 1 Thermistor, 5 Diode Rectifier (1N4007), 2 Electrolytic Capacitor (10UF 50V), 2 Electrolytic Capacitor (100UF 50V), 5 NPN Transistor (BC547), 5 NPN Transistor (BC557), 5 NPN Transistor (PN2222), 5 Button (small), 1 1 digit 7-segment Display, 1 4 digit 7-segment Display, 1 LCD1602 Module ( with pin header), 1 IC L293D, 1 IC 74HC595, 1 IC MAX7219, 1 Active Buzzer, 1 Passive Buzzer, 2 Potentiometer, 1 Joystick Module, 1 5V Relay Board, 1 IR Receiver, 1 Arduino UNO R3 Controller Board, 1 Breadboard, 1 Servo Motor (SG90), 1 Stepper Motor, 1 ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board, 1 Breadboard Expansion Board, 1 Matrix Display, 1 Ultrasonic Sensor, 1 Ultrasonic Holder, 1 3V Servo Motor, 1 Remote, 1 9V 1A Power Supply, 1 65 Jumper Wire, 1 USB Cable, 1 9V Battery with DC, 1 MPU6050 Module, 10 Resistor (10R), 10 Resistor (100R), 10 Resistor (220R), 10 Resistor (330R), 10 Resistor (1K), 10 Resistor (2K), 10 Resistor (5K1), 10 Resistor (10K), 10 Resistor (100K), 10pcs Resistor (1M), 10 Female-to-male Dupont Wire.

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