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DIY Breadboard Projects Step By Step

DIY Breadboard Projects Step By Step eBook is available for download.

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Everywhere you look, you’ll find circuits.

The cell phone in your pocket, the computer that controls your car’s emissions system, your video game console – all these things are chock full of circuits.

In this eBook, you will be primarily exploring simple circuits – but that doesn’t mean you can’t do amazing things with simple tools!

Breadboard is a great way to construct electronic projects easily and in less time without the need of soldering.

A problem is faced by beginners in the field of electronics is that they cannot solder the components neatly on printed circuit boards.

One bad solder joint can lead to the project not working. When the project does not work, they eventually lose their confidence and cease to continue making projects.

Before attempting another project, they have to think twice. Another problem faced by them is that if they try to solder and make a project, it does not work because of poor soldering or the circuit that was taken from a book, magazine or tutorial online has lacked instructions or it was wrong.

After spending a lot of time on making that, what they have to face is disappointment.

DIY Breadboard Projects Step By Step eBook

It gives a walkthrough of breadboard projects that can be made easily on a standard size breadboard thus solving the problem of hobbyists.

Each breadboard project is followed by a schematic, a breadboard layout, complete description and instructions, parts list and the difficulty level.

The difficulty level increases as you make each project. Before making the projects a description of breadboard as well as electronic components are

given which gives a complete understanding to the beginners. All breadboard projects were tested and worked before they were added to this eBook.


By starting with some basic projects and learning the principles of how various electronic parts work, you can create your very own inventions and designs.

This eBook will help you get started with your first adventures in electronics, but there’s a whole world of opportunities to explore if you want to take things further.

You will find the each DIY project views, drawings attached together with eBook.



  • 1.1 What Is Multimeter?
  • 1.2 Electricity Basics
  • 1.3 Important terms
  • 1.4 Common electronics units
  • 1.5 Identifying polarized components
  • 1.6 Components and tools required
  • 1.7 Schematic symbols
  • 1.8 How to use solderless breadboard

2. Breadboard projects 

  • 2.1 PRO_01 Simple LED circuit
  • 2.2 PRO_02 Parallel and series circuits
  • 2.3 PRO_03 LEDs control with potentiometer
  • 2.4 PRO_04 Capacitor, LED and diode
  • 2.5 PRO_05 Capacitor, LED and diode
  • 2.6 PRO_06 Use of capacitors in series and parallel
  • 2.7 PRO_07 Musical bell
  • 2.8 PRO_08 IR remote tester
  • 2.9 PRO_09 Static electricity detector
  • 2.10 PRO_10 Ticking bomb

3. Troubleshooting

4. Annexes

  • 4.1 Annex 1

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