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Free eBook – Arduino Sensors Step by Step

Arduino Sensors Step by Step the 4th edition available.

If you are beginner, just started with the Arduino, this eBook will help you get started with various Arduino Sensors (ultrasonic sensor arduino and many others). You will find the Arduino libraries, used components datasheets, each DIY project drawings, sketches, breadboard and schematic views attached together with eBook.

The section 2.1 Parts and tools required contains the list of all necessary parts/tools required to complete the DIY projects in this eBook. You can support our DIY projects buy clicking on the links of parts and buying them on Aliexpress or donate us to keep this website alive. Thank you!!!

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Arduino sensors cover page


PART 1 Getting started with Arduino

  • 1.1 What is Arduino
  • 1.2 Arduino boards
  • 1.2.1 Arduino Uno
  • 1.2.2 Arduino Nano
  • 1.3 Arduino IDE
  • 1.4 Do wiring
  • 1.5 Uploading the sketch
  • 1.6 Using Arduino IDE

PART 2 Parts and tools

  • 2.1 Parts and tools required
  • 2.2 Arduino shields and Arduino sensors
  • 2.3 Schematic symbols
  • 2.4 How to use solderless breadboard
  • 2.5 How to install and use a library in Arduino

PART 3 Arduino Sensors

  • PRO_01 DHT11 DHT22
  • PRO_02 BMP180
  • PRO_03 FC-37
  • PRO_04 FC-28 (YL-69)
  • PRO_05 DS18B20
  • PRO_06 DS1307 or DS3231
  • PRO_07 MQ-2
  • PRO_08 HC-SR04
  • PRO_10 SW-200D
  • PRO_11 KY-038 or KY-037 or LM393
  • PRO_12 Reed switch
  • PRO_13 MRFC522 RFID
  • PRO_14 Relay module
  • PRO_15 SD Card Module
  • PRO_16 Membrane Keypad
  • PRO_17 433 MHz Transmitter/Receiver
  • PRO_18 Flame detector
  • PRO_19 Water level sensor
  • PRO_20 Vibration sensor

PART 4 Annexes

  • 4.1 Annex 1. Resistor tables

We are going to add more DIY projects in next edition of this eBook.

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