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Free EBook – Soldering for beginners Step by Step

This eBook will help you to master is the ability to solder electronics and this is the one of the most fundamental skills a maker should be able to do.

Soldering for Beginners Step by Step eBook is available.

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Soldering Step By Step ebook
Soldering Step by Step ebook

Whether you are building a robot or working with Arduino or Raspberry Pi, knowing how to solder will come in handy. The best thing about soldering is that it is really fun to learn and easy to master.

Soldering for beginners eBook’s content:

What Is Soldering?

Soldering Tools

  •        Irons
  •        Soldering Iron Stand
  •        Soldering Iron Tip
  •        Brass Or Conventional Soldering Sponge
  •        Solder
  •        Third hand
  •        Adjustable PCB holder
  •        Soldering Accessories

Soldering Safety

Changing The Soldering Iron Tip

Tinning The Tip

How To Solder

How To Solder Wires


Repair And Cleaning

Tips For Successful Soldering

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