How to post project/information. Quick help

How to post project

1.Project/Information posting

1. Press 'Post a new project' button - you will start with STEP 1 Write;

2. Select project category and difficultye in Project details section;

3. Fill in Project title and Project description fields with your information, select Location in Project details section;

4. Fill in Name, Website and Email fields with your information in company/person section;

5. Enter words in Anti spam section;

6. Tick off/on Allow comments (add a description on how to comment above if unchecked);

7. Go to STEP 2 Verify by pressing 'Step2 Verify Ad' button twice;

8. Preview window pops up. You can edit your project or if you changed your mind, you may cancel posting this project or publish this project by pressing 'Publish this project' button once;

9. Your project will be posted, but if this is the first time you post with this e-mail address, we need to manually verify it. You will see the message: Thank you for your patience, as the project should be published ASAP. We'll send you an e-mail when that happens. From now on, every project you post with this e-mail address will instantly be published. 

2.Commenting the project

1. Select project which you are interested in from the list of Most recent Projects or from specific category list;

2. If you wanna comment this project - press button COMMENT below;

3.You will need to write: Your Name, Your Email, Message  in coresponding fields;

4. Attach your attachment - Max. 3 MB. Recommended formats: PDF, RTF, DOC, ODT;

5. Enter displayed words/numbers in Anti Spam section;

6. Press Send button if you are ready to submit your comment or Cancel button to abort. It will take some time to send message - depends on attachment size. You message with attachmente will be submitted directly to project owner. We do not keep your data on our server;

7. Thank you. You can help us to keep this project alive by visiting our website again.